William Welbes on January 11, 2011

A couple weeks ago, I got a homework assignment from Jake, our Technical Architect at Centare, and an iOS wiz…. to read Tapworthy by Josh Clark. I’ve been enjoying it thus far - some great insight on human interaction with the iPhone. I’ve already started to incorporate some of the concepts in my development thought process. The author does an excellent job articulating some things that I felt I understood, but didn’t really have a way of explaining, as well as pointing out lots of new stuff that I’ve never thought about. It’s very iPhone specific, but I find that to be better than a more generic, device agnostic, approach to the subject matter.

With kids at home, so far my most uninterrupted reading session has been in a log cabin up in the UP over new years sitting in front of the wood stove. There was something refreshing about reading a tech book huddled next to the fire to keep warm, away from technology, out in the wilderness, that allowed me to focus and appreciate it more.

If you do design or development for the iPhone, I’d recommend taking a look:

Color Picker Screenshot

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