Christmas Ads: Apple and Samsung

William Welbes on December 31, 2013

Apple and Samsung had two very different approaches to advertising over the Christmas holiday this year. Apple first launched an ad called “Misunderstood” that shows a family gathering at Christmas. The ad is very well done and comes off as very authentic. On our trip to Northern Michigan, I had my wife, Mandi, watch it. I mentioned seeing it play on TV but she hadn’t seen it. She was nearly in tears watching the ad. I’m sure being in the family van with our kids in the back headed home for Christmas probably set the right context for that, but needless to say - mission accomplished Apple.

Not to be outdone this Christmas season, Samsung also released an ad. I didn’t encounter it running on TV, but rather via a tech blog that pointed out how “cringe worthy” it was. Couldn’t be that bad right? Wrong.

It seems that Galaxy Gear isn’t really taking off… but I doubt this ad will help.

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